Rose DiGangi Foundation

Supporting Brain Cancer Patients & their Families

About RDF

The Rose DiGangi Foundation (“RDF”), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to minimizing the financial burden of families affected by brain cancer. Our mission is to provide patients and their families with the flexibility to focus on crucial medical care as well as their overall wellness. RDF will provide funding for immediate and vital assistance, such as paying household expenses and ancillary medical costs. RDF may also partner with other organizations to help fund brain tumor research.

Board of Directors

Anthony DiGangi – President

Sal DiGangi – Vice-President

Amy DeHaen – Secretary

Samantha DiGangi

John DiGangi

If you would like to make a contribution to the Rose DiGangi Foundation you can do so online by clicking Donate, or by sending a check payable to:

Rose DiGangi Foundation

Checks should be sent to:

Rose DiGangi Foundation
P.O. Box 287404
New York, NY 10128

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