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Rose DiGangiIn 2006, Rose DiGangi was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma, a malignant Brain Tumor. After a courageous battle, Rose passed away on October 20th, 2007. In her memory, the DiGangi Family has formed the Rose DiGangi Foundation.

The Rose DiGangi Foundation (“RDF”), a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to minimizing the financial burden of families affected by brain cancer. Our mission is to provide patients and their families with the flexibility to focus on crucial medical care as well as their overall wellness. RDF will provide funding for immediate and vital assistance, such as paying household expenses and ancillary medical costs. RDF may also partner with other organizations to help fund brain tumor research.

To date, the Fire Island 5K annual events have successfully raised approximately $350,000, and the net proceeds were donated towards brain tumor research. In celebration of Rose’s life and amazing spirit we will continue to help those who are fighting brain cancer.

Every day, another 500 people in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor. Because brain tumors are located at the control center for thought, emotion and movement, their effects on an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities can be devastating. Progress has been made, but there is still so much that is not known.

Stay tjuned for the announcement of this year’s Fire Island 5k in Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island, NY. All net proceeds will go to the Rose DiGangi Foundation.

Let’s all “Run For Rose” and others who continue to battle this aggressive disease. Therefore, come out and join the DiGangi Family and friends for a great day at the beach!

The Rose DiGangi Foundation is currently incorporated as a non-profit organization with the State of New York. RDF is filing for 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Please be advised donations made to the Rose DiGangi Foundation may not qualify for individual tax exemptions, but all net proceeds will be utilized in a manner consistent with our mission statement. RDF will keep you updated with regards to our 501 (c) (3) filing status.